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how to enable rapidvms as powserful RTSP RTMP HLS FLV streaming server

For Network Camera, the output stream maybe limit because of the it's CPU and network bandwidth, so rapidvms has a powerful build-in RTSP RTMP HLS FLV server, also and be extend for media source extensions(MSE), you can use rapidvms make one stream to Hundreds of stream.

1. GetCamList



2. GetStreamUrl

RTSP to google webrtc native framework

Recently all the browser disable the plugin, include chrome and edge, and flash player will be end-of-life at to play live video with low latency in browser, today we introduce a method which based on google webrtc native stack  .There has a lot of discuss in Google Groups for how to input external rtsp to webrtc c++ native framework, webrtc c++ framework only accept YUV raw data, and input the encoder(OpenH264/iOS Android Hardware), and send to peer, user can't send pre-compressed data to webrtc. see below diagram.