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H5S R11.5 RELEASED WITH RTC video push(H.264 VP9)


11.5 0615
1. Fix WebRTC Cloud mode/Relay mode/TURN server configuration not correct issue.
2. Add DH DSS support.
3. Fix some linkweb mode issue.
4. Change conference API parameter name to user.
5. Add conference connect parameter videoin/resolution/audioin/. 
6. Add H264 support for RTCPush.
7. Add VP9 support for RTCPush.
8. Fix Linkweb transcoding issues. 
9. Remove GB28281 y= parameter for JINGYI.
10.h5sconsole UI default language use 简体中文.

H5S R11.2 RELEASED WITH control center support


11.2 0420 2020
1. Add default GetPresets list when the device don't support GetPresets
2. Add User/Role managerment support.
3. Add a Control center dashboard page.
4. Add PTZ focusin/focusout/irisin/irisout/upright/upleft/downright/downleft action.
5. Fix HIK SDK Get AAC audio config but don't have AAC audio issue.
6. Enable H.264 to H.264 transcoding support.
7. Fix server pb can't stop issue and server playback end event.
8. Remove /api/resource/v1/regions/root from ISC integration.


H5S R11.0 RELEASED WITH GPU transcoding and WeChat Scan support


11.0 0309 2020
1. Spilt GPU transcoding to standalone process.
2. Add NVIDIA multi GPU transcoding support.
3. Add transcoding profile operation API.
4. Add transcoding profile operation UI.
5. Add transcoding scale support.
6. Add GPU list and encode decode usage in dashboard.
7. Add SW(CPU) transcoding for Loogson and ARMv8.
8.Fix serverpb mode don't have Audio issue.
9.Fix RTMP push don't have audio issue.
10.Fix video conference audio echo issue.
11.Add HIK SDK audio intercom.